October 2011

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Today, while installing a new kitchen sink, I suffered the most gruelling of injuries known to man. I was happily modifying an existing cupboard, whizzing away with my electric saw and drill and all that, when it happened:

A paper cut

OOOOH the pain! The suffering! Will there ever come an end to it? And where is that bloody medevac helicopter when you need it? Public health care standards are in rapid decline in this country, I tell you.

Spare Parts

We were coming back from Wolf's school around noon today. I had to carry Tyl on my arm, because Mrs.B had taken the car to the garage and the buggy was still in the car's booth. We were also out of bread, so we made a detour to the bakery shop. With Tyl on my left arm, a large loaf of bread in my right hand and still a long way to go, I didn't have much patience for Wolf, who was dragging his feet.

Wolf: 'Daddy, I'm tired. My leg hurts.'

Me: 'Ill buy you another one when it falls off. Now move on!'


Can You Smell The Snow?

Today I plucked my winter coat out of the closet, I already dug up the old scarf on Monday. We've had a couple of very nice and warm days lately - in conmpensation for the most dreadful summer in Belgian history - but now autumn is definitely here.

I made good use of those warm and dry days to fix the roof of the annexe, or rather, I built a new timber roof over the old one and covered it with EPDM foil - despite advice from a couple of friends not to, but I didn't like the other options and with the winter coming I had to move fast.

So now we can enter the cold season with a roof that doesn't leak. I also added another layer of insulation for good measure, so it'll be warm and cosy inside.

Browser War

As someone who uses different computers in different places, sometimes abroad, I take my browser with me on a USB stick. I used to have one of these U3 sticks (not related to U2 or UB40) and for a while it worked nicely. Plug the stick in the USB port and a pop-up menu appears with your favourite applications, not only my browser but also Open Office, an FTP client, an anti-virus scanner with firewall (essential for survival if you're making use of internet pubs in Africa from time to time) and other goodies.

Alas, U3 never became a widespread technology, and support was dwindling. For each of these applications, a special U3 version had to be made. I got in trouble with Firefox, because the most recent versions didn't have a U3 version. For a while, I could update it the usual way, but in the end it became intolerably slow.

So I switched to PortableApps, which does essentially the same thing but is supported by a much wider fan base. And best of all, you can install any application, not just the ones in their (rather exhaustive) list. However, although I could install the latest version now, Firefox remained sluggish. So I thought I'd give the much hiped Google Chrome a go.

And I must say it works fine, smooth and fast. Of course it took a bit of getting used to. And there's one thing I still don't like: the way the bookmarks are presented. Instead of a bookmark toolbar on the left like Firefox has, Chrome has a dropdown list from the menu bar on top. Annoyingly, this means that you can't leave it open and that you have to navigate through the list and the sub menus to the bookmark you want. If you want to go to the next bookmark, you have to open the dropdown list again and go to the same folder and then click on the link. I keep finding this a bit tedious.

Like Firefox, Chrome has plug-ins (although not as many... yet), but I couldn't find a bookmark add-in of my liking. Meanwhile, I noticed that I wouldn't visit a number of sites and blogs as much as I used to, just because their bookmarks were out of my view. I'm a visually oriented person, I don't remember names that well (so I don't use the search feature of the navigation bar that often) but I know where I've stored things. Worst of all was that I didn't visit what used to be some of my favourite weblogs and comics sites as much as I used to.

But then I came across Slick RSS, an RSS reader with a handy interface (plenty of RSS readers of course, but this one integrates with my browser). Now I don't have to miss a post any more, cause Slick RSS warns me when there are new updates available. Still, not all bloggers use RSS (or Atom) and some of them have an RSS feed on their weblog but aren't aware of it (Blogger and WordPress automatically generate feeds) so it takes a bit of guessing to locate it.

So all in all, I'm a happy camper surfer again.


PS: my RSS feed is http://www.bartlog.be/?q=rss.xml (see the - very tiny - logo on the bottom of the main page)

C'est La Ouate

I've been in a French pop mood lately...